Bon Me Lunch Truck: Govt Center

1 Sep

This is the year of the lunch trucks. I’ve eaten at a bunch of them along the Greenway and at South Station. Just this week, I tried Bon Me – a Vietnamese-themed truck that sells traditional Banh Mi sandwiches, noodle bowls, and rice bowls. Everything is $6 and you can choose noodle types (udon or rice), rice types (white or brown) and toppings (pork, chicken, or tofu&shitake mushroom). I was really impressed with quality of ingredients. Many things are organic or sourced from Massachusetts farms. I was also super impressed with the quality of my lunch! I opted for a brown rice bowl with tofu and mushrooms. It was incredibly flavorful, filling, and fresh. I’d go back in a heartbeat to try something else – probably the noodle bowl. Somehow, I can’t pay $6 for a sandwich that I get in Chinatown for $3. But that’s a small complaint! Check them out – it’s delicious. Bon Me sets up shop other places around the city, not just Government Center.

T Stop: Green Line/Blue Line, Government Center


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